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Walking Taco


Introduce a fun and flavorful twist to your appetizer menu with Walking Taco Deviled Eggs, a creative fusion of two beloved snacks. These gourmet deviled eggs feature perfectly boiled egg whites, filled with a creamy yolk mixture blended with zesty taco sauce and smooth mayonnaise and refried beans for an authentic Tex-Mex flavor.

Each deviled egg is topped with savory seasoned grilled chicken, shredded cheddar cheese, and a sprinkle of crisp lettuce, capturing the essence of a classic taco. Garnished with a drizzle of tangy sour cream and a generous topping of crunchy crushed nacho cheese Doritos chips, these deviled eggs offer a delightful combination of textures and flavors in every bite.

 Perfect for parties, game day gatherings, or any casual event, Walking Taco Deviled Eggs bring a playful and delicious twist to your appetizer spread. Impress your guests with this innovative and visually appealing dish that combines the convenience of a walking taco with the elegance of deviled eggs.