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Raechel is a creative entrepreneur at heart with an extensive background in food, beverage, and hospitality. Cooking is her passion. Raechel started her career as a home chef in Omaha, NE preparing a variety of specialty foods to share with friends and family. Her deviled eggs instantly became a crowd favorite and the topic of conversation. Raechel knew she had something special, so in September of 2017 she developed and opened the Deviled Egg Co. Three years and 50,000 eggs later, Raechel is bringing her business to Ralston, NE and expanding distribution across Omaha.

Located at the Granary within the Ralston Hinge
Granary Ralston Hinge
The Ralston Granary site within the Hinge Project is an ideal home for Deviled Egg Co. It's an upcoming, urbanized area attracting new businesses, residential units, retail, and restaurant spaces. I See It Ventures, Inc., a business creation engine company, sought out Deviled Egg Co. and invited Raechel to locate her business at the Granary. Deviled Egg Co. is successfully positioned to accelerate sales through I See It Ventures' business accelerator and venture fund, a program that provides Deviled Egg Co. with capital investment, start-up guidance, and support. The mentorship and encouragement Raechel receives is something every entrepreneur dreams of. Deviled Egg Co. is contributing to the economic development and prosperity of Ralston, NE. Raechel hopes to create many jobs for people in the surrounding area.


EGGceptional Creations


There are so many reasons why Deviled Egg Co. Is unique. We are the first company in the U.S. to specialize in deviled eggs. Not only do we have the most elaborate, flavorful options, but our brand is health driven. We cater to an array of dietary restrictions while maintaining a fun and EGGciting image. All eggs are gluten-free and we offer soy-free, dairy-free, keto friendly, and vegetarian options.

Our goal is to be accessible and affordable to all deviled egg lovers. Raechel's recipes are inspired by all of her favorite things to eat and she loves experimenting with new creations. Nothing is more satisfying to Raechel than watching someone who “doesn’t like deviled eggs” try her’s for the first time and turn into a lifelong customer.

Our eggs are like nothing you have ever had! Made from scratch and best of all, locally owned and operated!

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Raechel's Favorite


Raechel's absolute favorite is the Sriracha Bacon...HANDS DOWN! Nothing is better than the spicy tang of sriracha, mixed with a dash of cool mayo, and topped with crispy REAL bacon bits. Raechel swears she can eat them everyday, so you should try them too! Deviled eggs are something everyone can enjoy, just as much as Raechel does. In our complex world, there's something special about her eggs that will take you back to when things felt more "simple"…we're confident they'll make you smile!

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